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Versaemerge:VersaEmerge consists of three parts of the rock band from Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States, currently signed to record label Fueled By Ramen. They have three EP’s, a city built on sand, perception and VersaEmerge, and their debut album, fixed at zero, was released June 22, 2010. VersaEmerge came together after the two founders’ previous band, “My Fair Verona, broke up.
Beginning and cities built on sand (2005-2007)

Florida group formed at VersaEmerge (guitar and backing vocals), Blake Harnage and former drummer Anthony Martone was in high school. Originally they were in a group called “My Fair Verona. After the MFV collapsed Harnage Marton and went on to form their own group. They chose the name “VersaEmerge” of the conditions (vice versa), that means the opposite, and “exit”, which means to rise.  the group recorded their first EP, “The city is built on sand” in 2005 featuring former members of the Spencer Pearson on vocals, Anthony James on vocals, programming and synthesizer; Josh center on the guitar (and composer) and Nick Osborne on bass . With the departure of four members, the group recruited bassist Devin “Dirty D” Ingelido from Bury Ashes . The following year, the current vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck auditioned for the vocal position by sending a tape on the Internet. Although members of Anthony Martone, Devin Ingelido and James Lano were not too sure Kusterbeck, Harnage convinced them that she was right to work, and she soon joined the band in 2007.  It is unlikely that they know what Kusterbeck lied about her age saying she was 18 years old when she was actually 16, so that she can get listening to .
Perception (2007-2008)

They played local shows at home and went on tour with bands such as Cyrus, Our Last Night, There for Tomorrow, and Craig Owens.  the group worked and released their EP, “perception”, in May 2008. Then they parted ways with guitarist James Lano, who was replaced by Jerry Pierce. VersaEmerge later signed with Fueled By Ramen. They started writing their self-titled EP, recorded with producer James Paul Wisner. The EP was released on February 3, 2009, available on Fueled By Ramen shop, ITunes and concerts.
The self-titled EP (2008-2009)

Later they went to the “Secret Valentine Tour” with a title of We The Kings, Maine, Cab, and there on the morrow.  After the Secret Valentine Tour, VersaEmerge gained more fans and was selected to play in 2 of 4 date to give him the title of the 2009 festival in the UK with bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Thursday, Escape The Fate, and Innerpartysystem. They returned to the United States and almost immediately left for New Jersey-Bamboozle.  When they returned to their home in Florida after that, they began writing for his LP for several months and then went to Warped Tour ’09. After the Warped Tour was over they went to Malibu to write and record their LP, it collected for the “OP” tour headlined Featuring Boys Like Girls, Co-headliner Cobra Starship, Maine, and rockets to the moon.

September 19, 2009, drummer and co-founder, Anthony Martone announced through its Twitter saying “I’m no longer VersaEmerge. Thank you for your support. I am currently the drummer for hire Thanks for all … About a week later more investigation in connection with the sudden departure of Marton’s, Devin Ingelido and group posted blogs about his separation from Marton, saying leave for personal reasons, which are developed in . Group hired musician and friend Spencer Peterson (not to be confused with the former vocalist) to fill in as a temporary replacement on drums for a tour of OP. Spencer Peterson is best known for his time drumming in a hidden field of view, and Charlotte Sometimes.

22 November 2009, guitarist Jerry Pierce announced on Twitter, that he would leave the band for personal reasons relating to his family. He revealed that he is still friends with other members, but he “just can not keep touring as much as [VersaEmerge] does.” Jerry played his last gig with the group on Nov. 28, 2009.  They will release their next album, entitled to 2010 Warped Tour. Pierce will not be part of the recording process.

Bassist Devin Ingelido also currently involved in a side project with drummer and guitarist Richard Ducat Cj Loy. Group is called Today, we dream of. They have posted one song on their Myspace, as well as updating video in October 2009. He said that VersaEmerge really his top priority, and in connection with the amount of touring, what they are doing today, we will try to write the Dream EP, when it for some time.
Fixed at zero (2010-present)

In March 2010, VersaEmerge was named one of American music website Shred News “10 artists to watch in 2010″ .

The house SXSW PureVolume, VersaEmerge played new songs from her new album due this summer. “Fixed to Zero”, “Mind Reader”, “Figure It Out”, and “You never know,” all of the new album fixed at zero. Sierra-Kusterbeck was also featured in the “Front and Center: A New Class of 2010″ article May issue of Alternative Press.

According to a couple of tweets, Chris Pollock, formerly of the Maryland team on the history! Currently filling in as drummer. It was not announced whether it is permanent or temporary.

April 26, 2010, the band and reliable blog fan,  posted that the title of their debut album will be called VersaEmerge fixed at zero. The video “is set to zero,” was also posted on the website www.fixedatzero.com.

April 28, 2010, fixedatzero.com posted on the album cover, and reservation information, with a release date of June 22, 2010, for the album. The site eventually became an interactive and there were all

They came out in support of the album’s release, playing at the 2010 edition of the Bamboozle on May 1, 2010, playing alongside bands such as Paramore and Weezer. They also co-headlining tour with I See Stars in mid-spring.

VersaEmerge completed his second full run on Vans Warped Tour, which began June 25, 2010 in California. They played Glamour Kills stage of the tour. Kusterbeck also played a game called F ** K Where is the Sierra? with fans at each tour date. The game was like hide and seek, and the first ten fans to find it was the winning card which was also cut lines are to be signed.

27 July 2010 the group released video of the title track and first single, fixed at zero on its Myspace page. The video was created in the forest, but also included Kusterbeck in the slot.

September 13, 2010, VersaEmerge announced that they will be headlining tour this fall called the Vultures Unite tour. They will participate Anarbor, dangerous and summer conditions. The tour hits the small centers in the U.S., and also had two Canadian dates. It should be a “cinematic experience.”

Group is going to appear on the new show MTV World Jenks October 18, 2010.

Dear John Taylor Swift

Dear John Taylor Swift:Taylor Swift “Speak Now” album is full of references to her past loves, including several well-known celebrities. Among the new tracks by the song “Dear John” Taylor Swift, apparently negotiations have soured relations with other musician John Mayer.

Swift and Meyer have worked together back in 2009 for the song “Half of the heart” for the album, Mayer, and apparently received more than a song or two. It sounds as if the 32-year-old Taylor Meyer broke his heart and gave her plenty of inspiration for the new track. The new song “Dear John” features plenty of options Mayer with a chorus that says: “Dear John, I see it all now, when you’re gone / Don ‘t you think that I was too young / to be confused with / girl in a dress / crying all the way / I know. ”

Swift draws much of his musical inspiration from her past relationships. According to the report Access Hollywood, Taylor Swift recently said Chris Williams Yahoo!:

“They are all very well,” she said, according to Williams. “Every song is like a road map to what the relationship was, with little markers that may be, all I do not know, but there are things that were small and nuance relations, a little hint. And every song like that. Everyone will know, so I really should not send e-mails on this. ”

Kanye West was already familiar with his personal track that Swift made in 2010 on the MTV Music Video Awards. However, Kanye and Swift shared the stage moot point, not a full relationship. In addition to Kanye and John Mayer, Swift also a few songs on the “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner on the new album, due out in a week, including a song called “The Story of Us.” It is unknown if Taylor Lautner will mention the ability to turn into a vengeful werewolf, or a love triangle with Robert Pattinson.

Well, that Taylor Swift is a true and finds her inspiration to express himself through his music. Probably the best way for many to deal with the grief and move through poetry, art, music or poetry. It also gives Taylor Swift over the validity and relevance than just the artists that make up love stories and songs about “that girl” or “that guy” who broke their hearts. Swift’s new album, “Speak now” seems to be saying much about her personal life, and do not hold back no matter how public figure might be. It makes you wonder who the poor soul who inspired the song “Better Than Revenge” and what’s being said about them?

Willow Smith Whip My Hair Music Video

Willow Smith Whip My Hair Music Video:“Next Karate Kid” star Jaden Smith is not only the offspring will and Jada Pinkett Smith, who scored with audiences this summer. Earlier this summer, nine-year-old Willow Smith Her debut single – entitled “Whip My Hair” – was leaked to the internet and … they liked it. For the most part, the answer to the song hip-hop mostly positive. No wonder she was later signed to Jay-Z Roc Nation, and the singer, whom many call a mini-Rihanna, released the official video for the single, earlier today, which includes children dancing (all PG-rated) and Mrs. Smith yes, whipping her hair about. Watch it below and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Junior Seau Drives Off Cliff 

Junior Seau Drives Off Cliff:Former NFL star linebacker Junior SEAU went cliff and was hospitalized with minor injuries on Monday, less than nine hours after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

12-time Pro submitting white Cadillac SUV was found on a beach about 100 feet below the road, said Carlsbad police Lt. Kelly Cain. Cain said that this is not a cliff but it was significant, a rough slope. SEAU was taken to Scripps La Jolla hospital in San Diego.

SEAU a 25-year-old live in girlfriend said that the authorities SEAU attacked her during an argument Sunday night at his home Oceanside, according to Oceanside police. She apparently suffered minor injuries and did not require treatment.

SEAU, 41, was arrested near his home about two hours after police arrived. He was not home when authorities arrived, but they asked him to come back when he called his girlfriend.

SEAU posted bail and was released from San Diego in prison Vista. Press Secretary Lisa Ohmstede hospital refused to comment on the condition SEAU’s.

Berea, Ohio – Browns defensive end Robaire Smith may be the season because of back injury.

Smith was not involved in last week and sat out Cleveland’s game Sunday in Pittsburgh. On Monday, Browns coach Eric Mangini confirmed that Smith’s injury could be long term, and said it was “possible” 32-year-old can be placed on injured reserve.


JACKSONVILLE – Jacksonville Jaguars signed third-year left or Chevis Jackson, filling the roster spot opened when the team traded starting safety Anthony Smith.

Jaguars also completed a trade on Monday, meaning Smith was with the physical packers. Jacksonville has received conditional seventh round draft pick of Green Bay. Jackson, a third-round pick of the draft by Atlanta in 2008, played in 31 games. He spent the preseason with falcons and was canceled in the final cuts.

Charlotte, North Carolina – all felt bad on offense, Carolina Panthers, which is struggling newcomer Jimmy Clausen was the bench on Monday, to make way for a defender with eight turnovers and 33.3 passer rating.

Only Matt Moore hopes nostalgic film session will help him regain his 2009 form and end the nightmare start to the season, Carolina.

Panthers (0-5) returned from his weekend Bye to hear coach John Fox to announce a meeting of the group that Moore, benched after six revolutions in the first two games, once again take control of the NFL’s worst offense against San Francisco (1 – 5 ) on Sunday.

Allen Park, Michigan – Lions linebacker Zack Follett was cleared to return to Detroit after being hospitalized following violent helmet-to-helmet hit with the players New York Giants.

“He’s flying back today,” coach Jim Schwartz said Monday. “He is doing much better. His tests all came back very, very encouraging. We look forward to a quick recovery, and seeing him back on the field at one time.”

Schwartz said the injury was not a concussion related.

Alameda, Calif. – Oakland Raiders thought they put miserable passing performances in the past, when they released a draft bust JaMarcus Russell in the offseason.

Instead, Jason Campbell delivered the performance of the San Francisco 49ers, what was worse, the measurements than Russell ever had.

Campbell went 8 for 21 to 83 feet and two interceptions in the 49ers loss of 17.09 on Sunday.

With the status of starter Bruce Gradkowski in doubt due to a shoulder injury and nursing Campbell sprained left knee sustained in the first half against San Francisco, coach Tom Cable said a third stringer Kyle Boller could start this week against Denver. Cable said he will likely make a decision on Wednesday.

Really Justin Bieber Assault On Canada?

Really Justin Bieber Assault On Canada?:Justin Bieber attacked digruntled fever Bieber hater during his visit to Canada.Bieber fever escalated into assault investigation in Canada last night when the incident between Justin Bieber and 12-year-old boy broke into a laser tag Richmond joint.

As the website TMZ, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber was the subject of the end of the investigation into the attack on the night of laser tag set on Friday night. Details are still surfacing, but it seems to me, Bieber hit 12-year-old boy at the center, and it was later dubbed the attack.

Canadian blog, Zacktaylor.ca spoke with an employee of the center of laser tag on the incident an attack Bieber. The official said the 12-year-old boy did not require medical attention, but, in the quote mentions that the boy’s sister said to cry. (On a quick side note – how uncool sister)

Police were involved in the boy’s father, and TMZ confirms there is indeed an attack investigation. Canadian police say they are interviewing witnesses, but could not confirm or deny involvement Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber contacted for comment by Rep. TMZ, but denies any are true. Account of what happened actually in the center of laser tag is unclear, but the Internet is reportedly Bieber and 12-year-old boy definitely had some quarrels. Laser tag setup officer quoted Zacktaylor.ca suggests that Bieber simply reacted to the game, saying Justin Bieber was just trying to get away from a group of children who cornered him and accidentally hit 12-year-old boy on the road.

Did 12-year-old girls do not cry enough for this punk? Just had to make a 12-year-old boy to cry, too? Tsk TSK, Biebs.