Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Former Lotto Employee Charged

A former employee of the West Virginia Lottery implicated in the federal racketeering and gambling case of Joe C. Ferrell has now been charged.

The U.S. Attorney filed a one-count information Friday against Carolyn Kitchen.  The court document accuses Kitchen of lying to federal investigators in their probe of the Ferrell case. 

Ferrell, a former state delegate from Logan County, entered a guilty plea recently to charges of racketeering and tax evasion.    The investigation into Ferrell's misdeeds indicated he helped get Kitchen hired as an inspector with the lottery and then offered her additional payments periodically to be "on call" for his Southern Amusement business. 

Kitchen would often give Southern Amusement access to restricted areas of those video-lottery machines.

A federal information normally means the defendant is cooperating with federal investigators and will most likely enter a plea agreement.

 Senate Debate Highlights
Manchin supporters show their support outside of the television station.
 The first and only U.S. Senate debate in West Virginia had plenty of disagreement Monday night.

The event featured all four candidates for the U.S. Senate seat of the late Robert Byrd.

Governor Joe Manchin defended his record as governor, while Republican candidate John Raese said Manchin would support President Obama's agenda.

Much of the debate focused on the federal cap and trade bill, which would affect many West Virginia coal miners.

Raese said the bill would clearly hurt coal miners.

"I oppose cap and trade," Raese said.  "Cap and trade would be disastrous for this country and it would also be disastrous for West Virginia."

Manchin touted his endorsement from the Coal Miners' Association as an indication that he would never do anything to hurt coal mining jobs.

He said he does not support the cap and trade bill.

"I respectfully disagree with President Obama," Manchin said.  "He is dead wrong about cap and trade.  It would be the ruin of not only our state of West Virginia but this entire economy of this country."

Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson was the only candidate who voiced some support for cap and trade, saying there need to be emission limits.

Another hot topic was the healthcare bill, which had some provisions take effect only a couple weeks ago.

Raese said the bill involves too much government.

"I don't like socialism," Raese said.  "Under Obamacare, something that Governor Manchin has always supported, you're going to have a patient-bureaucrat relationship."

Manchin said he does not support everything in the bill, but that doesn't mean it should be repealed.

"There's a lot of good in the bill that basically both democrats and republicans agreed with," Manchin said.  "That's a pretty good start."

Manchin also tried to distance himself from Raese's claims that Manchin would be a 'rubber stamp' for President Obama.


"I hate to inform my opponent, but Mr. Obama's name will not be on the ballot for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia.  It'll be me," Manchin said.

Raese responded by saying Manchin had supported Obama's plans on several issues.

"You have to wonder about Obama and Manchin and which direction they're going," Raese said.  "When you have people like Obama, and certainly Manchin, you have to be concerned about the future of this country."

Recent polls show the race is very close between Manchin and Raese, with Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson and Constitution Party candidate Jeff Becker registering in the low single digits.

Election day is two weeks from Tuesday.

First District Debate Set for Tuesday 
First District Debate Set for Tuesday
Voters in West Virginia's First Congressional District will have to decide between two new candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Democrat Mike Oliverio and Republican David McKinley will debate Tuesday at the Smoot Theatre in Parkersburg.

AARP is sponsoring the event that will be moderated by MetroNews Talkline host Hoppy Kercheval.

The debate is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Racketeering:Hedge fund manager, Sean Muller, who had threatened to kill himself just a week ago he was sued by regulators of Colorado has a big problem now.

Mueller Capital Management founder was accused of racketeering, securities fraud and theft. Mueller charged works of $ 20 million Ponzi scheme and lying to investors about the size and success of its Mueller Over Under Fund.

Arrest warrant was issued Mueller in Denver, and bail was set at $ 2 million. He is expected to appear in court on Friday morning.

According to state a claim against him, Mueller admitted that he deceived investors in a series of emails and notes written before his suicide attempt in April, when he was speaking from the building in a suburb of Denver. The note, written after a suicide attempt, Mueller acknowledged that the documents claiming that his under-fund managed $ 122 million had been rigged. He wrote that only $ 15 million remaining 20.6 million he collected.

Mueller also allegedly promised double-digit returns regardless of market conditions, telling potential investors he has never lost money in eight years and has consistently returned 12% to 25% per year.

Among 65 alleged victims of the former Mueller Denver Broncos legend John Elway.

Mueller assets were frozen in May

 Justin Bieber Fight

 Justin Bieber Fight:What began as an innocent game of Laser Tag, stormed to bring the cost of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber, together with his friends was on the Interplanetary Laser World Arcade. The place was full and the presence of young stars called a few of the crowd and excietment.

In due course, the chaos and took his father for twelve years, the alleged Justin Bieber for the attack on his son. The police, however, did not talk about what happened, as they say, that while nothing was proved that they can not give details. Especially when it comes to two minors.

However, there are many witnesses to the eye of the matter. According to one of them, Justin Bieber playing the game and close the twelve year old boy was also there. He tried to have a game with Bieber and shoot it again and again. This is a concern and at one time, they faced each other. Justin is going to happen to shove him aside. It got together with the use of certain words and press. The child’s father, who is a lawyer saw it and called the police immediately.

Twelve years, accuses Bieber forcing him to dance, and the attack on him when he refused to do so. Camp Justin Bieber on the other hand claims that he was a boy who is called names in Bieber. There was no fight as such, just a little push, which did no harm to the child.

Nothing has been proven to also monitor tape also captured the “struggle.” Police continued to investigate the matter.