Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Space Station Viewing

Space Station Viewing:International Space Station can be seen from the earth, if you know when and where to look. NASA has decided the problem, where to look, creating an orbit track on the site.

Best Viewing Times:
From the space station has little or no light of their own, you can just see when the station is in sunlight, and people on the ground, in the dark. Best viewing times are an hour before or after sunrise or sunset, as the station passes overhead. List view times can be found here.

What you will see:
Assuming that the station is in sunlight, it should look like a bright and fast-moving stars. The longest station will remain in order to ground the observer 4 minutes. In passing directly overhead, the station lightning from horizon to 240 seconds or less. For the majority of seats, the window display will be 120 seconds (or less).


For more tips on photography:
1. The use of sighting data from the Web site of NASA and a good compass and find the “station” was set up the camera facing that direction.
2. Timing is everything. Make sure you have accurate clock is synchronized in time NASA and the camera shutter open for about a minute before the station should go. Keep the camera shutter open until the station leaves the field of view camera. If everything works as planned, you should have a bright line on a complete picture of the trajectory tracking satellites in the sky. Do not worry, it may take several attempts before you get a perfect picture.

Two Moons 2010

Two Moons 2010:What we hear from the last few days, we will soon experience the “two moons of 2010” in the sky, and it is not very far. On August 27, while Mars will grow to the size of the full moon, the people of this land you can see this amazing scene.

Some people say that in 2003, Mars closest to Earth in 60,000 years. Others say that it can not be true, as Venus looks brighter than Mars. However, do not stop drawing resurfacing each or every August the opposition of Mars.
Mars / Moon rumor came to the fore, when Mars arrives in less perfectly opposition in January this year, and now is the month of August, when she is walking again, so do not be stupid.

Space Reservation is now available for $ 200K in space cash
 Space Reservation is now available for $ 200K in space cash:Have you always wanted to experience the impressive grandeur and beauty of outer space without huffing entire gallon of paint couples? Now you can, if you have the dough.

civilian spaceflight program Virgin Galactic currently selling tickets for a lucky, lucky few who can afford $ 200.00 per seat price (which should come with a free drink). Customers can buy tickets through the website of Virgin Galactic, or through one of his many ‘of space means “located throughout the country. Each ticket includes a 3-day training session at the launch site of the Virgin in New Mexico, designed to “make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared to enjoy every second of your flight.”

The flight takes about two hours from six to eight passengers at a time. Passengers will experience 3.5 Gs of force as the plane missiles up to 2600 miles per hour at an altitude of 360,000 feet within five minutes of weightlessness fine, according to Andrew Rocchio, the accredited agent of the space under intense trip to Dallas.

About 400 people total have signed up for the flight program, ranging from trust funds for adolescents, even old fogy.

“This is such a new product, and such innovative work, there is no specific formula (or the type of personality),” Rocchio said. “I’ll tell you this much, 78-year-old woman is going.