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Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem:Hi guys!If money is any indication, hot Republican House candidate in the country Christi Noah. 38-year-old farmer has raised more money than the campaign of any Republican challenger in the home country.
Noem raised 1.1 million dollars over the past three months, about twice as much as her opponent, Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD). And that money will go a long way: the media market in South Dakota is one of the least expensive in the country.

Noem may need cash. Herseth Sandlin is a moderate Democrat with proven ability to win and win big in South Dakota. She wiped her Republican opponent in 2008 with nearly 70 percent of the vote as the state voted overwhelming against Barack Obama.

Fallout New Vegas Review

There was a point while playing Fallout: New Vegas when I said to myself, "OK, this is going to be fun." Up until that point, I hadn't been sure. I enjoyed Fallout 3 (300 hours in and still counting), and all of the Fallouts that had come before, so there was no reason why I shouldn't have enjoyed this game, but yet, I wasn't sure. There was just something ... different.
In Fallout: New Vegas, you will play as a courier who's been shot and left for dead. Your mission: Find the men who shot you. That's it. Nothing so lofty as saving (or ending) the lives of all of the residents of the Capital Wasteland, or finding a water chip your family needs to survive. In New Vegas, as befitting a game set in the City of Sin, your objective is revenge.
Along the way, however, you will explore a wasteland as rich and varied as that of any other Fallout game. The colors are brighter, the mood lighter, but this is Fallout as you've always known it - perhaps better. You will encounter The New California Republic, who, having tamed California, have carried their humanist spirit east into the Mojave Desert. You will also meet Caesar's Legion, a slave army led by Caesar, a would-be warlord king.
As you search for the man who done you wrong, these two great forces (and others) will wage battle for control of the Mojave and the still-functioning Hoover Dam, arguably the most important piece of real estate in the world. You will travel to blown-out Western towns like Novac, built around a motel and a dinosaur tourist attraction, and Nelson, a town being overrun by Caesar's Legion. You will meet many people in your travels who will call upon you for help, but whether you come to their aid or not is up to you. You can barrel through this land on your own personal quest or you can take sides (any side) and make the Mojave Wasteland a better - or different - place.
What makes New Vegas satisfying is not how much choice it gives you as the player, but how much it limits you. You cannot, for example, trudge through the wasteland willy nilly without encountering some severe obstructions, whether those obstructions are impassable mountains or unbeatable creatures. You can explore, just within limits. You will need to be wary of your surroundings and cognizant of your abilities. Yet, even if you do nothing more than simply follow the main story, you will still explore a generous chunk of the wasteland, which makes the smaller side missions and random encounters feel more like gems in the rough that enhance your play when encountered, rather than missed opportunities you have to seek out.
Yet all of this is subtle. You won't feel this after only a few hours. What will hit you in the face like a ton of bricks as soon as you start playing New Vegas is the fact that this game has a sense of humor. This is as evident in the overt quirkiness of Novac's gigantic Dinky the Dinosaur as it is in the subtle touches that grace practically every element of the game. Gone is the dreary stodginess of Fallout 3, in which even the rare bit of humor added to the overall sense of doom. New Vegas, by contrast, seems content to let the misery of a post-nuclear wasteland speak for itself, and focus instead on the dark humor that makes living in that world interesting in and of itself aside from the archeological fun of seeing familiar places as they would look post-apocalypse.
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Fallout New Vegas review: Adventure with epic story & the plethora of quests.

 out of 5The victorious release of Fallout 3 back in 2008, the greatly expected follow-up title is ultimately here with Bethesda’s Fallout: New Vegas.

A proper separate sequel to Fallout 3 that skips cross-country from the urinal-coloured husk of Washington DC to a urinal-colored protect in the Mojave Desert. The lure now, aside from publisher Bethesda’s quality stamp and seal, is escort designer Chris Avellone, the guy following Planescape: Torment.

In Fallout: New Vegas, will play as a courier who’s been shot and left for dead. Your mission is that find the men who shot you. That’s it. Nothing as high as saving or ending the lives of all of the residents of the Capital Wasteland or finding a water chip your family wants to stay alive. In New Vegas, as be relevant a game set in the City of Sin, your objective is vengeance.

Beside the way, yet, you will walk around a wasteland as rich and varied as that of any other Fallout game. The colours are brighter; the mood lighter. You will encounter the New California Republic, who having controlled California, have carried their humanist strength east into the Mojave Desert. You will also get together Caesar’s Legion, a slave army led by Caesar, a would-be warlord king.

They mention that throughout gameplay, the game mysteriously froze up as many as 3 times, with each one need a hard resume to the Xbox 360 version they were testing. Also, they comment on the poor frame rate concerns which slow down significantly throughout certain parts of the game and also quite long load times.

While, Fallout: New Vegas may feel like a development to Fallout 3, it present something that fans of Fallout cannot oppose. The lengthy adventure, epic story and the plethora of quests give gamers more reasons to spend time on the game. And the rating of the game 3.0/5 based on the experts of the Xbox 360, PC gamers.

California Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

 Crystal Cathedral, the California megachurch founded by televangelist Robert Schuller, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday, the Orange Country Register reported.

The church, affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, owes about $7.5 million to unsecured creditors. The bankruptcy filing seeks court protection from its creditors.

The Orange County, Calif. based congregation oversees several costly ministries including the "Hour of Power" TV program and legendary pageants "Glory of Easter'' and the "Glory of Christmas."

In response to its massive $55 million debt, the church has laid off 140 staff, dropped its TV broadcasts in certain markets and canceled its Easter pageant.

Senior pastor Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman -- the founder's daughter -- said in the statement that she was optimistic the church would come out of these trying times.

She and the ministry was experiencing its best cash flow in 10 years.

The church, designed by architect Philip Johnson and constructed using 10,000 rectangular panes of glass, is a southern California architectural landmark and a noted tourist attraction.

Construction of the cathedral, which seats more than 2700 people, began in 1977 and was completed in 1980, at an estimated cost of $18 million