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rory mcilroy girlfriend

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Her name is Holly. See a detailed video about Rory Mcilroy girlfriend below

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This is the pretty teenager who has won the heart of local golfing sensation Rory McIlroy. And while her famous boyfriend confidently faced the world’s media last week after his maiden European tour victory in Dubai, shy Holly Sweeney was happy to stay out of the spotlight.

The couple, who have been dating for more than three years, are very much in love — but they’re determined not to become, as Rory puts it, “a typical ‘Posh-and-Becks-type’ couple”.

And Holly (18), who is studying for her A-levels at Sullivan Upper, has deliberately kept a low profile, content to cheer on her champion boyfriend from the sidelines.

Said Rory: “Holly is quite shy. She doesn’t want to turn into a typical girlfriend of a sports person, so she likes to take a back seat.

“We don’t want to turn into a typical Posh and Becks-type couple. We just want to lie under the radar.

“We like to do normal things together — we go to the cinema, get a bite to eat, go shopping, nothing out of the ordinary.”

And true to form, one of the first things the millionaire golfer and his girlfriend did together

“But I looked in my fridge and there was nothing in it. So me and Holly went out to do a bit of shopping and people were coming up to me in Sainsbury’s.

“It's great. Everyone wants me to do well and it is nice that I am recognised for doing well.”

Despite going to the same college as Holly, it was golf which brought the couple together when they met for the first time at Holy

wood Golf Club in August 2005. The teenagers share a love of the game and Holly can hold her own with a set of clubs.

“I bring Holly to the driving range quite a bit, but she takes a back seat to the whole golf thing,” said Rory.

after his triumphant return home from Dubai earlier this week was to head to Sainsbury’s for groceries.

Said Rory: ”I left my suitcase up to mum and dad's to get all my clothes washed, then headed home. Had to catch up on a few episodes of 24.

“She’s very supportive of me and she’s very proud, but she only plays golf when she feels like it.

“It’s not something she really wants to do.”

Because of her studies Holly has been unable to accompany Rory during his dazzling performances at top tournaments around the world.

But the couple stay in constant touch by phone and look forward to quality time together between tournaments.

Said Rory: “Holly handles it well. At the start she didn’t really know what to think about it, but now whenever I’m home the time we spend together is even better.

“It’s quality time, which is good in a way because we get to talk more. We do miss each other when I’m away. My phone bills are very high and I carry a picture of her in my wallet.”

Already a millionaire, the 19-year-old, who is being hailed as the next Tiger Woods, pocketed another £300,000 in Dubai.

But apart from buying himself a house and a car when he first turned pro, he has yet to splash out, preferring instead to let his fortune sit in the bank.

“When I first turned pro it was a bit of a shock,” said Rory.

“My second pay cheque was £195,000 and I was like ‘Wow’, but now I don’t think about it. Now I just let it sit there.”

His victory at the Dubai Desert Classic has propelled him to No 16 in the world — and he now has his sights set on making it into the Top-10.

But for the next couple of weeks at least he will be content to spend quality time relaxing with his family and girlfriend Holly.