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criss angle mass levitation:

Season 1;

Criss Angel Mindfreak Season 1 premiered on the A&E network on Wednesday July 20, 2005.

* "Burned Alive": Criss faces one of people's biggest fears, he will be burned alive, forming a human candle for 47 seconds on his mom's 70th birthday.

* "Levitation": Criss takes a random spectator and levitates them 360 degrees downtown Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

* "Wine Barrel Escape": Criss will devise a plan to top Houdini's milk can escape, being handcuffed and hung 8 stories above the ground before the wine barrel falls after the 2 minute mark.

* "SUV Nail Bed": Criss will lie on a bed of nails as a 4 and a half ton SUV Hummer drives over his body.

* "Suspension": Criss is suspended from a helicopter while hanging from 4 fish hooks as he is flown over the Valley of Fire.

* "Buried Alive": Criss does what no one would even consider doing, being buried alive. With little oxygen, Criss must escape and slither out of solid ground.

* "Hellstromism": Criss Angel is challenged by a Las Vegas' Desert Dodge Dealership to find a hidden key for a Dodge Viper using hellstromism.

* "Super Human": With great strength, Criss sets out to lift a random taxi 2 feet off the ground in the Aladdin Hotel taxi line.

* "Building Walk": In this episode, Criss will lean over the side of the 55th floor of the Aladdin Hotel and will walk down the side without any safety.

* "Blind": Criss will drive Mandy Moore to one of her favorite restaurants while blindfolded.

* "Oasis": For a full 33 hours, Criss will be in a chamber that is submerged in 2,000 gallons of water and will have to figure out how he will escape surrounded by thousands of spectators and news crews, in New York City's Bryant Park.

* "C4 Crate": Criss will be locked in an explosives filled crate and will experience the power of C4.

* "Prediction": In this episode, Criss will attempt to predict a major news event as well as the lottery.

* "Chicken": Criss has the Amazing Jonathan take a car and run him over through a brick wall. He will also perform a knife test in a sushi bar.

* "Tesla Strike": Criss will journey out to Baraboo, Wisconsin, and test out one of the largest tesla coils in the country.

* "Uncut": In this uncut episode, Criss will go back to some of the craziest and most insane moments of the series. Also, with never before seen footage and outtakes of Criss's most talked about illusion: The trash can.

* "Up Close": Get up close and get an inside look at the characters of the show including Criss's surreal family. Also, Criss shows more never before seen footage.

* "Halloween Special": Criss is handcuffed and nailed into a wood coffin. He must get out before being pulled through a woodchipper.

Season 2:
* "Building Float": Criss takes Mindfreak's season 1 levitation to a whole new level. He will float from one building to another in front of a random crowd in broad daylight.

* "Walk on Water": Criss will attempt to walk across an entire pool in one continuous shot while skeptics swim below and around him.

* "Vanish": In this episode, Criss will vanish a spectator 360 degrees by thousands of witnesses in the middle of Las Vegas' Fremont Street.

* "Easy Rider": Criss is chained and sealed inside a wooden box filled with explosives. He must escape before a stunt car rams into him in front of a large crowd.

* "Party": Criss and crew put incredible insane illusions into Sin City's nightlife scene. He will then put his hand right through a passerby.

* "Animal Magic": Criss will make a 4 and a half ton Asian elephant vanish in the middle of the street surrounded by spectators.

* "In Two": Criss Angel will demonstrate his version of being cut in half without covers, boxes or trick clothing.

* "Bike Jump Vanish": In this episode of Mindfreak, Criss will hit a 60 foot long ramp bike jump into the air with the most amazing illusion twist.

* "Celebrity Minds": Criss will use hypnosis techniques to drop crowds and puts restaurant patrons and staff under his control.

* "Sucker": Criss demonstrates psychic surgery and warns us of scammers that like to prey on the innocent. He will blow the lid off anyone who uses magic to take advantage of others.

* "Celebrity Seance": In The Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley known for ghostly spirits, Criss invites guests in and tries to connect with forces beyond our comprehension.

* "Metamorphosis": In front of thousands of spectators, Criss demonstrates one of the fastest metamorphoses ever attempted.

* "Motorcycle Roulette": On Long Island, New York Criss shares his passions for motorcycles and makes one vanish and reappear.

* "Back to School": In this episode, when Criss goes back to school, he freaks out the students and teachers and shows how to mindfreak your friends. It has been stated by students and staff at East Meadow High School that only one scene takes place at the school and the others at another school, or studio.

* "Prophecy": Criss predicts the outcome of a motor speedway race and does close up magic in his favorite hometown diner.

* "Chad's Story": Criss helps a young magician, Chad Juro, achieve his dream of performing as a Las Vegas headliner.

* "Military Salute": This episode features mentalism, sleight of hand and other grand illusions. Criss visits Vandenberg Air Force Base and makes a Hummer appear from nowhere.

* "Shark Cage Escape": Pushed overboard and sunk to the bottom of the sea, Criss must escape a shark cage with but one breath.

* "Magician of the Year": Included with some ultimate feat of mentalism, a pre-recorded DVD will leave the magic community floored. Criss will also show a sneak peak of his new music video MF2.

* "My Secret Cabaret": Shot in the Palace Showroom of The Magic Castle, Criss will stop his pulse in five places while being monitored by a team of medical experts.